Glowing Hermione Granger Wand

Need something to help you keep your mischief managed? Get the job done right with this glowing Hermione Granger wand. Not only is it a great replica of the great witch’s wand, but it glows and illuminates at the end. Just like you made the lumos maxima charm yourself.

Harry Potter Minerva McGonagall Hat

Harry Potter Minerva Mcgonagall Hat

Are you getting ready to stand up to a terrible teacher at school, or brush up on your animagus skills? If so, you may want to complete the experience with this lovely Harry Potter Minerva McGonagall hat. It also works great for parties and will complete the perfect witch costume.

Red and Yellow Argyle Leggings

Red and Yellow Argyle Leggings

You have been looking forward to going to your very first quidditch match and cheering on the House of Gryffindor. You might want to add these red and yellow argyle leggings to your suit case. The colors are perfect and the design is cute and fun. A fresh and modern look.