Five Unicorn Party Game Ideas

When it’s time for unicorn parties, it means time for creativity. Luckily enough, unicorns are considered colorful, wonderful, fun, and majestic. It, therefore, adds more room for creativity when it comes to games. Unicorn party games make the party feel alive. But what kind of games will you involve in this party? Here are five unicorn party game ideas that you can try.

Magical Unicon Bean Guessing Game

This is one kind of game that if you play with the kids they just cannot get enough of it. The game keeps them occupied and the kids also find it as a reward as in the process of the game they eat some Jelly Beans. But for you to make this possible, you will need a number of things. A bag of Jelly Beans, a pen, a piece of paper and you will also use the flavor chat found at the back of the Jelly Belly’s bag.

An adult or someone who understands the game should facilitate this game. Find a bowl, stick a unicorn painting and put the beans inside, then get the children to line up. The one at the front will close their eyes and stretch out their hand. You then put a magical bean on their palm. The next thing is for them to chew it up and guess the flavor. They have only two chances and if right a point is earned. They then return to the back and the cycle continues. The one with most points wins a full bag of magical beans. The jelly beans are assumed a reward from a unicorn.

Rainbow Mane Relay

For this game to happen, you will need a tape, crepe streamer of several colors, and a unicorn printout for each team. On one side of a room or a yard, hang the printouts. Then have two teams of equal number and let each member have a streamer of varied colors and a piece of tape to help stick.

In turns, the first in the line of each time will run towards the unicorn printout ahead of them and stick the streamer. They will do this one by one until the unicorn mane is complete. The team that finishes the mane first wins the game.

Unicorn Feed Game

This is one easy and rewarding game. All you need is to have different kinds of candy, marshmallows or lucky charms and a small bags for the kids. The kids should then pick the various kind of candy and whatever else will be there as feeds for their unicorn. They will place them in the bags and can take the bags home once the party is done.

Hungry Hungry Unicorn

You will buy some disposable white cups and draw paintings of a unicorn on the side of these cups. Then pile up some marshmallows somewhere in the middle then they should compete who can pick the most in a given amount of time. The one who picks the most marshmallows is the Hungry Hungry Unicorn.

Cloud Mouth

This game will also involve the use of marshmallows. The marshmallows will adopt the name, unicorn cloud. So it goes like this, whoever put the most unicorn cloud in their mouth and be able to say the word ‘unicorn’ wins. The game is fun and easy.

With such creative ideas, unicorn parties can just be the best. These are among the best of ideas when it comes to unicorn party games. There are many others that exist and some that you can come up with. Enjoy the games!