Five Movies with Mermaids

Mermaids have always been a fascination, especially in the comedy and fantasy movie industry. They show a capability of incredible power and romance that is exceptional. With such attributes, many movies over the years have taken the advantage of involving mermaids to their films. Here are five movies with mermaids that will probably get you thrilled.

The Little Mermaid (1989)

The Little Mermaid is an inventive and jolly animation fantasy from Walt Disney. It is a movie that has incorporated a lot of creativity and fun. It is one of the best Walt Disney works of those days. The movie is based on Hans Andersen story about a mermaid who enchanted with how life is on land. During one of her visits on land, of which her father the King forbids, the mermaid grows fond of a human prince. In the determination of being with the prince she met, the mermaid makes a deal that is quite dangerous with the sea witch so she could turn into a human for 3 days. When things turn sour, her father has to make a sacrifice. An awesome movie.

Aquamarine (2006)

The movie revolves around two teen girls who live in Tampa, Florida and a mermaid. The two girls were close friends who came to discover that the existence of mermaids is factual once they came across one that had been washed ashore by some violent storm. The mermaid (Aquamarine) can be described to be a sassy creature that has the determination to prove true love exists to her father as well as to help the two girls get the attention of some lifeguard.

Splash (1984)

Splash is a romantic comedy surrounding a fairy-tale love between a young boy and a mermaid who had saved him from drowning. The boy grew to become an adult with the belief that his rescue by a mermaid was just a hallucination. Not only did he know that the mermaid would save him for a second time, now as an adult. And once the mermaid’s tail is dry, she develops human legs. It is quite an interesting story to follow to know what happens between the two.

Fishtales (2008)

The movie is a comedy for kids and family that talks about a Greek-History professor who is on the verge to lose his research grant and he befriends a mermaid that is on the run from a wicked fisherman. The mermaid will later be a means to prove significance to his future and research. Meanwhile, the mermaid is being hunted for a price. This movie is worth the suspense.

The Mermaid (2016)

The mermaid is a Chinese comedy fantasy that will keep you laughing despite the fact you might have to follow subtitles. It is a story about a tycoon who grows fond of a mermaid. The tycoon has invested in some technology that threatens the mermaids species by destroying their ecosystem. The mermaid is therefore tasked to seduce him and kill him by the other cryptids. But the problem is that the mermaid and the tycoon are in love. It is among the best comedy movies with mermaids.