Five Movies Every Unicorn Lover Needs to See

of most of the mythic characters, the unicorn is considered among the wonderful and colorful. Over the years, some movies have decided to involve unicorns as movie characters. These movies have portrayed unicorns to have mystical awesomeness and they have also made them a source of comedic relief. Here is a summary of five movies with unicorns.

The Last Unicorn

The Last Unicorn is a mythological and an unconventional family type of film. It is an animated musical movie. The movie talks about a gentle and graceful unicorn that fears that she might be the last one of her kind on earth. She, therefore, takes an initiative to try find others and help them from getting extinct. The theme of the movie is generally musical and funny. But some visuals and sequences will tend to be quite scary to younger kids or those who are sensitive. Such scenes involve some furious monsters or witches and alike. It was first released in theatres in the year 1982. One of the best movies with unicorns.


In this movie, there is a demon known as Darkness. He seeks to destroy the very last of unicorns to create an everlasting darkness. A forest boy named Jack combined forces with his friends so as to try all possible means of saving the world as well as Princess Lili from Darkness. This is a movie in a world of unicorns.

Nico the Unicorn

This is a story about a young boy who lost his father in a car accident and since then his life was never the same. His mother purchased him a circus-horse (pregnant) which later gives birth. To their surprise, it is a baby unicorn, Nico. Bill (the boy) has a new friend by the name Carolyn who helps him to raise Nico. Nico grows to be a beautiful stallion. Billy and his friend realize magic is in existence and they consider themselves magical best friends. They believe they can achieve anything they can set their mind to. It is such a wonderful family movie.

The Black Moon (1975)

The movie talks about a war between the women and the men of the world. The reality becomes too hard to swallow for one young girl who tries to escape and goes to some hidden place. At this place, he finds a family that lives with a strange talking unicorn. The hidden place is predominantly strange with scenes such as a woman talking to a rat and some children with no clothes run after a pig.


Yvaine, a character, is seen to ride on a white unicorn in the rain and through the woods. In one of the scenes in this movie, there is a unicorn that breaks down the door to a stable and another inn door. It then drives its horn into some guy who turns to become a goat as he is hit on a wall and drops down dead.

The unicorn was previously a white horse and then it was turned to become a unicorn through the use of some Velcro pad and Styrofoam horn. The movie is full of action.