Five Mermaid Party Games Ideas

A mermaid party will not feel complete until you play mermaid party games. A fantasy of the under the sea world turned into a game is something interesting and memorable. All that is required is a bit of creativity and joint ideas. Here are some mermaid party games that you can use to spice up the party.

Mermaid Freeze Dance

Find some mermaid song or a song having the sea-theme to play to the party guest as they play freeze dance but this time an underwater version of it. Make the participants dance and as they dance their arms should make swimming movements. The trick is, once the music stops, they should freeze as if turned into a statue by the Sea Witch. Whoever fails to freeze is seized by the Sea Witch and it, therefore, means they are out of the game.

Save the Mermaid Water Relay

This is an interesting water game to play. You will be required to divide the participants into two groups. Then find two shallow bowls. One for each group. Have four buckets whereby two are full of water and the other two have a mermaid-like toy to depict a mermaid on dry land. Line up the two groups separately and the first person in line to be handed a shallow bowl. Place a bucket of water in front of each line and the ones with a toy to be a distance in front of the bucket full of water.

The participants should have a relay like race as they will have to fill their bowl with water from the first bucket in an attempt to fill the bucket with a mermaid with water so as to save the mermaid from the dry area. The first team to fill the bucket is the winning team.

Pirate Mermaid Freeze Tag

This is another copy of the traditional Freeze Tag game. What makes this one different is that there is a pirate in the game and mermaids. Let one of the participants to be the pirate. The others are mermaids and they will run around as they try avoiding being tagged by the Pirate. If tagged, the mermaid should freeze in place as she waits to be set free by another mermaid.

Pin the Flower on the Mermaid

Find a large poster sheet and draw a mermaid picture on it. The next thing is to find a nice place to hang it. Find construction papers to cut flowers from them. The flowers will be pinned on the mermaids hair using a double-stick tape. Blindfold each participant when it is their chance to play, spin them around like four times then set them in the right direction to pin the flower.

Mermaid Treasure Hunt

This is a game that your guests will enjoy. Collect various ‘treasures’ like fake jewels, shiny trinkets, and seashells then hide them within the party area. Then fill water into a baby pool and let your guests know this is the treasure cove for the mermaid. Tell them that the Sea Witch stole the treasure from the cove and she scattered the treasure throughout the sea. It is the duty of the mermaids to find the treasures as well as return them to the cove.