Everything You Need for Halloween Mermaid Makeup

What gal doesn’t want to look like a mermaid especially at a Halloween party. They like to shine and sparkle with their pretty tails at such occasions. If you want to look like a mermaid you will have to select some mermaid makeup products to change your looks considerably. Some of these makeup items are briefly discussed here under for your help.

Skin Primer

An ideal base for the facial makeup for mermaid is this illuminating primer. It will provide your skin a glow from within along with brightening your skin before you start your mermaid makeup with a suitable foundation. 

Aqua Glow Serum Foundation

Though you can find wide variety of skin foundations on the stores but an aqua serum foundation will help in giving a beautiful dewy look like a mermaid to your skin. You can recreate a natural brightness and coverage with this water based lightweight foundation. 

After Glow Powder Highlighter

If you want to look like a mermaid then jerky eyelids will give a unique feel. A double tone powder highlighter with red and orange tone with a sudden shade of pink when you turn towards a light can be suitable for this purpose. Every mermaid should keep this highlighter in her arsenal as it creates a bit of magic in her mermaid looks. Brown shimmer brick in bronze: In order to give a natural sun tan acquired at sea shore it is better to add a look of shimmery warmness to your skin by using a perfect brown shimmer brick with a bronze touch.

Lipstick with Looking Glass Shimmer

Nothing can be better than wearing a shimmering blue lipstick on your lips to look like a mermaid. You can find wide variety of looking glass blue lipsticks from various brands on the counters of nearby cosmetic shops. You can choose from them as per your suitability.

Prismatic Lip Gloss

A purplish lip gloss that can show different luminous shades from different angles can be the best to provide optical illusion to your lips. It will make the center of your lips to give highly shinning fuller and magical pout at the Halloween party. 

Water Based Eye Shadow

A minty green eye shadow that can show different shades from different angles can be the best for your mermaid makeup. In order to give a real punch of colors you should use it wet. 

Vinyl Mascara

The top coat of golden sparking mascara will add a bit really effective shine to your lashes with a strange shimmer. You can add more illusion to your lashes by layering up this vinyl mascara with your favorite mascara. You will look like bathing in shimmer.

Aqua Glam Liner

Liquid eyeliner glittering with bright ocean tone can be the best option to get attention of lots of people at any occasion.

Set of Spectrum Brushes

This set of brushes is the basic thing required to wear a mermaid makeup. Without these brushes you cannot even imagine to apply your makeup as they are specifically designed from soft and organic materials for such unusual make-ups.