The History of Mermaids

History of Mermaids

Mermaids are water creatures or spirits of a mythical nature. Their stories have appeared in popular cultures and folklore of most of the sea-faring civilizations. The mermaid is often depicted as a very beautiful woman who has a lower body that resembles the fishtail. These mythic creatures have been able to create around them an …

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The History of Unicorns

To discover the history of unicorns is considerably harder than to search for a patent lawyer in Texas or patent lawyer in Illinois. The specify of a unicorn is found in various stories and legends of far-off locales of the northern landmasses. They have been expressed in multiple stories from the Far East to the …

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How to Do Unicorn Hair

Unicorn Hair

There is no doubt that the multi-color unicorn look is hot. But styling your hair like a unicorn can be a big undertaking. Recently, it has become quite popular and many girls are trying out this spunky unicorn hairstyle. It looks awesome if you can wear it with the right outfit. But before you get …

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